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December 30, 2013
Zen Nippon Toyama-Ryu Iaido Kyokaï Morinaga-Ha (Leadership Spain, Europe, Latin America)
全日本戸山流居合道协会 . 森永派
ラテンアメリカ、ヨーロッパ、 スペイン、リーダーシップ

On 13th made ​​three months formally accepted the position of Sô Shibu-Chô (Instructor and First Director Principal) for Spain, Europe and Latin America of the Zen Nippon Toyama Ryu Iaido Kyokaï Morinaga-Ha 全 日本 戸 山 流 居 合 道 协会 . 森 永 派, therefore, determined and appointed by ICHIKAWA Takashi Hanshi, Kancho (President) of the So Honbu in Kyoto, Japan.


The most important thing I have learned in 58 years of my life, is to say NO when NO but everything has its IN YO therefore also learned to say YES when YES, I said YES to my integration into the Transmission of Toyama-Ryu Sable School, School Officers and Sub-Officers Imperial Military, thus I give deep thanks for the trust placed in me and my Uchi-Deshi in several countries by Kancho Takeshi ICHIKAWA, because trust is the firm belief that a person or group, be able and willing to act appropriately in a given situation and thought, without personalities or limelight, looking more or less reinforced depending on the actions you take that person and / or group, in favor of it, in it, I gave my word of Honor.

The honor is a moral quality that leads me to fulfill the duties and responsibilities accepted, regarding the Zen Nippon Toyama-Ryu Iai-Do Kyokaï Morinaga-Ha and myself and this is where trust in the safety is secured or strong hope that you have in me and my future conduct and assumed, therefore, the absence of uncertainty about the results to be obtained.

By that way new branches of the direct Line or Lineage Morinaga-Ha (branch of the main line of the school Toyama Japanese fencing) was born, that with only five days of existence, we are now accepting expressions of interest and ownership, including the formation of instructors, dojos and individual students, as announced from Japan, of which became immediate echo’s Website, Blog’s, Facebook and other social networks, to preserve and disclose this Gendaï Budo Traditional, history and culture.

It was my turn as host country under my jurisdiction to organize Keiko no Ichi (Training Introduction), Hajimaru no Ryu-Ha (Initiation Seminar), Koshukaï (Seminar-Workshop) and Shodan-shinsa (Exam Grade / Rank), creating similarly programs for acceptance of Uchi-Deshi (internal disciples) through Sô Shibucho (Top Country), Shibu-Chô (Major Dôjô) and Fuku-Shibu-Cho (Assistant Principal of Dôjô ), providing them:

  • The Qualification Exam through Sô Shibucho (Top Country), Shibu-Chô (Major Dôjô).
  • Qualification Certificates issued and registered in Japan.
  • Annual training trips to Kyoto, Japan.
  • Participation in the BUDO-SAI (Festival Seibukan / SoBuRen) in Kyoto – Japan.
  • Access to seminars in camera (Uchi-Deshi) led by Japan, trained with the So Honbu Shihan’s presenting Kensa Kikan (Court of Period) for classification Menkyo.

Pursuing and getting the hopeful and emblematic Menjo or even Ishoku-Jo.

Under the direct supervision of ICHIKAWA Takashi Kancho through YONEDA Toshihiko Shihan (appointed Coordinator for the Foreign Division) it was activated in these three months a total of 22 dojos:

  • Spain スペイン (9)
  • Portugal  ポルトガル (1)
  • Italy イタリア (1)
  • Romania ルーマニア (3)
  • Belgium ベルギー (1)
  • Germany ドイツ (1)
  • Mexico メキシコ (3)
  • Costa Rica コスタリカ (1)
  • Venezuela ベネズエラ (2)

Still pending today:

  • Puerto Rico プエルトリコ (1)
  • Chile チリ (1)
  • Argentina アルゼンチン (1)
  • Peru ペルー (1)
  • Ecuador エクアドル (1)
  • Brasil ブラジル (1)

Through the Board of Uchi-Deshi organized in the “Facebook” Social Network two pages and a group to preserve and disclose this Gendaï-Budo Traditional, history and culture.

Official Facebook page: 全日本戸山流居合術协会

Mexico page: Toyama-Ryu Iaido Mexico

Venezuela group: Toyama-Ryu Iaido Venezuela

Japanese style… for me as So-Shibucho, Ishikawa Kancho is the father of the family and he is one of the direct children of the Lineage. This relationship is called “oya-ko-no-kankei” (the relationship between father and son), so it can be called “jikisan” (直 参) vassal, directly under the command and control-head of the family ) and his disciples are his children and practitioners in Japan, for me are “Kyodai” (兄弟 brothers).

Structure and build strong pillars gradually but firm step, as the enterprise should disclose and transmit, So leads to perpetuate the Transmission did was to start the new Legacy, the immediate formation of an International Web Page Honbu, subject to the instructions and guidelines issued by ICHIKAWA Takashi Hanshi, to contact us at any time if you want to join Budokas branches of Zen Nippon Toyama-Ryu Iaido Kyokaï Morinaga-Ha in Spain, Europe, Latin America, USA or Australia-Oceania.

As for the various consultations, those who want to follow and deepen it, or simply those who want to be truthful and fully informed, its structure is based on the following categories or pillars:

  • History
  • Organization
    • So Honbu Japan (the main So Hombu organization in Japan)
    • Honbu external divisions (Spain, Europe, Latin America, USA,  Australia-Oceania)
    • International representatives (the principal So Shibucho)
    • So Shibucho, Shibucho, Fuku-Shibucho (the Dojos around the world that received the iniciation and have responsible)
  • Events
    • Teachers & seminars (Annual calendar, who and where is imparted)
    • Events endorsed by So Honbu (Conferences, Lectures, Seminars and Congresses)
  • Media (multimedia items as photos and videos)

The Toyama-Ryu Iaido School is an excellent complement to any style / system of martial arts because it does not affect the characteristics of them. You can access Toyama-Ryu Iaido as a separate entry to the traditional Japanese fencing, integrating into the dojos Schedules, increasing the curriculum of these.

明けましておめでとうございます!今年もどうぞよろしくお願い致します。/ Akemashite omedetoo gozaimasu! Kotoshi mo doozo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu./ ¡Feliz año nuevo! ¡Le deseamos un próspero y maravilloso año 2014! / Happy new year! We wish you a prosperous and wonderful year 2014! / Bonne et heureuse année! Nous vous souhaitons une très belle année et prospère 2014! / Felice anno nuovo! Vi auguriamo un anno meraviglioso e prospero 2014!.

Dr. José Miguel Martínez Barrera

博士. ホセ・ミゲル・マルチネス・バレラ

Zen Nippon Toyama-Ryu Iai-Do Kyokaï


Supein So-Shibucho


(Principal de las Delegaciones de toda España)

Zen Ōshū Toyama-ryu So-shibucho


(Principal de las Delegaciones de toda Europa)

Zen Raten’amerika Toyama-ryu So-shibucho


(Principal de las Delegaciones de toda Latino-América)





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